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Fleas are wingless insects that get onto it's host by jumping. There are over 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas, with the female being larger than the male and obtaining more dominance. She can lay 2,000 eggs in her life within 35-48 hours of her first blood meal. If found on your pet , an infestation has already occurred. While their lifespans are only 2 to 3 months, their offspring carry on by the hundreds once a reliable host is located.

Ticks carry serious diseases such as lyme, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, rocky mountain spotted fever, and many other spotted fever. They are transferred into your homes from the outside in wooded areas, near vegetation sites, and crawl spaces.

Store-bought products are not enough to control your flea outbreak at its source. Call us today for more information or use the form located to the right for a free estimate!