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Rodent Control

Steps for Rodent Control

Rodent control is an important issue for many homeowners. Mice and rats can transfer diseases and cause structural damage. There are three different steps to help with rodent control.

Block Entranceways: Rodents should have no way of entering your home so you need to check any cracks and crevices. Large areas around pipes need to be covered in mesh and then sealed with cement.

Prevent Exterior Access: Overgrown weeds, trees, and vegetation can provide access to your home and serve as a food source. Trees need to be trimmed to make sure no branches are touching your home. Outdoor items and firewood should be stored a few inches off the ground. Pet food shouldn’t be left outside.

Remove Inside Attractors: Sanitation is important for rodent control. Don’t leave food on the counter or in open storage. Keep clutter to a minimum, and in bathrooms make sure faucets are kept off and there isn’t any standing water on the floor.